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Paint A Car Inkjet Helper Brain Adventure Links and MORE

Greetings Brain Explorers~!

Well I am rearranging my "web house" these days and have set up two new domains for you, and all else

This falls into the category of SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE-

To click on your FRONTAL LOBES, its always important to "think of the other guy and lend a hand…"

So, here’s a great chance for you to help A LOT OF PEOPLE, because
thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people benefit from An Amazing Brain Adventure every year, with free Brain Self Control info, stories, music, photo, movies and more.

Every link you add somewhere helps countless people get to Their BRAIN.


www.NeilSlade.com is now officially


so if you have a link, please update it, if you don’t have a link please add it and tell everybody!! Thanks
amygdala Frontal Lobes Brain Self Control– this is the place!

Brain Car Painting http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/Painting.html
 has moved to

So also, very important, add this link as well!!

and I’ve added lots of new pages and articles, and will do this regularly.  Many people don’t know how easy it easy to repair and patin your car, as good as factory or BETTER. Check it out.  Painting your car can be fun, when you paint your car you can do a better job often than the "pro" shops, because you CARE, as you paint a car you learn about how your brain works, you increase certain brain motor skills, artistic skills, and you can be proud of the painting a car project you finish.


Inkjet printer and ink info http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/inkjetstuff.html has moved to


Please add or update your link and tell everybody!

This is another important page, as it tells people how to fix their printers, and how to get and use the best ink– often at a fraction of the price they are used to doing. There are CHEAPER inks out there, but there are WAY more expensive inks as well. I’ve tested inks, printers and paper, and give the best advice I can on reasonably priced ink (half the price of OEM) that does a great job. Toner info too and maintenance info that is hard to find anywhere on the web. I deal with Canon, Espson, and other printers, ink jet cartridges, bulk ink, maintenance, waste tank error problems, alternative inks and cheap ink carts, tests, more than you can imagine.

This is a famously helpful page and has consistently ranked very high in the search engines as I give tips on saving TONS of money on ink, how to fix your printers, what ink and papers work best, what printers work best— you name it.


SO– IF YOU HAVE A BLOG or WEBSITE, please POST A NEW LINK TO THESE PAGES. Tell about your experience, as this will make the page the link is MORE RELEVANT and IMPORTANT to the search engines which will then lead people to the pages, and ultimately to BRAINS that WORK RIGHT.

One of the most important things the car painting and ink pages do for me is to provide income so I can continue my Brain Work.
In the works is my new book, so stay tuned– its coming along WONDERFULLY!!  This will be particularly special to have ready, as I’ve mention that an actual Hollywood film is in production now, and the main character in the film, is (hold on to your eyebrows) "Neil Slade". I wonder who will play "me"—- Sean Penn, Sean Connery? or Pewee Herman?  hahahhah!


Thank you for replying.
Yesterday again I spent a lot of time at your website, wonderful!  I think your work is very very important (and will play a major role) in the change process that is occurring at this moment in the world. I would like to talk with you (Skype) and learn more and also sharing with you some insights at my side….
Sorry english is not my mothers tongue, I’m Dutch. was send abroad in 1996 by the Dutch Government to support / coach in change process (reorganization and culture change, change management) in government organizations in Suriname and later Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles).
flowingly yours,


"Good morning Neil

My parallel universe looks a lot like this one…with some differences.  First of all, the inhabitants have learned to get along with each other.  They share resources without squandering natural resources.  They’ve learned to keep their numbers down to the level that can be sustained generation after generation .  Consequently, there is no reason for war.  People don’t fight for land or resources because each group has their own.  Citizens know how to advocate for their needs without clobbering their neighbor.  Men do not exploit women. People don’t become parents until they want to. Some decide not to, because they have a passion to contribute to society through other interests…like medicine, art or music.   Parents know about child development and the entire community supports the physical,mental, emotional and intellectual health of children.  Schools really educate, not baby sit.

Leaders first responsibility is to the public and not to big business.  There are restraints on government.  Government is kept small …just what is needed.

Because the earth is treated gently, the air is clean, noise is down, water is pure and the earth is fertile.  It looks like a garden.  Useless objects are not manufactured and hyped to the public. The society works for every one, not just white males.  All are included:  the elderly, the young, the handicapped and gay citizens all have a place in my alternate world.

Thanks for proposing the idea for me to contemplate.


Great Brain Books, Music, Cds, and the WHOLE UNIVERSE DVD 30 hours of fantastic brain electricity for you at
http://www.neilslade.com/cds.html  and

Have fun and SPREAD the BRAIN REVOLUTION– Peace!

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