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A You-Niverse of Plenty

I just did a $3000+ repair job on my car in January-  for about $300 in parts and paint.

Saved my car. Saved my bank account….  You can do it  – see what I did- Easy Paint Your Own Car

Today’s Cerebral Cermon: A You-Niverse of Plenty

Your brain, and how it works, is going to be more important than ever during these next four years–

survival of the fittest BRAIN in 2008– as Apes With Pencils have long
ago needed a lot less muscle and a lot more cleverness in order to
survive in the "modern age".

Who knows
what is in store for us between now and 2012– either the end of the
world, the beginning of a new golden age, or more of the same. (How’s
that for covering all bases?)

In the US, the economy looks bleak– so The Law of Attraction will be more important than ever.

Frank Zappa on an old episode of Saturday Night Live– singing "The
Slime"– a song about TV controlling the population. It’s truer than

What is MAGNETIZING you? Quality of Life or Quantity of Crap?

If your brain pulls you in the wrong direction– it may be over a cliff with all them other lemmings.

you have your Advanced Brain Radar turned on full blast- with your
AMYGDALA clicked forward sending powerful lightning surges of
creativity, intelligence, problem solving, and ESP forward into your
Amazing Frontal Lobes (yeah, Not So Amazing Randy, it DOES exist- do
your homework)– then you’ll magically normally find yourself in the
right place even at the wrong time.

do you know if you are using MORE BRAIN POTENTIAL instead of squeaking
by on a single non-rechargeable dying 1.5 Volt AAA Brain Battery?

Easy– monitor your emotional feedback thermometer, located halfway between your ears- inside.

for LONG TERM PLEASURE without hangover. That’s the ticket, that’s the
right vector- That’s the direction for your permanent Natural Powered
Lithium Neural Cell.

Listen for ego
greed grab suck geiger counter static indicating Reptile Brain
De-Evolution. Dr. Frankenstein is gleefully waiting on every street
corner to perform a permanent lobotomy at your expense

Hear that Mass Market Corporate Media Bandwagon of Promise comin’ down the lane?



Brain Goodies for you for Smart Savers:





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