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Greetings Travelers and Brain Explorers!

I have received a couple of
interesting letters that I wanted to share in regards to my latest work,
The Book of Wands

Contrary to what many might think- the
title is in some way very deceptive. This book is a BRAIN BOOK and not a fantasy
for kids or nerds. None the less, the subject title "WANDS" is something that is
particularly spot in in the case of this project, and I think it will eventually
prove extremely unique and valuable.

Dear Neil,
I am
definitely not your target audience. Without getting into specific details of
why, you may assume I’m correct in my self-evaluation. Regardless, I’ve found
your Book of Wands to be entertaining and engaging and I appreciate the ongoing

Would I have every picked up this book at the store?

"Absolutely not" is the only answer to my own question.

However, am
I glad that I stumbled upon (good radar?) your book and plowed through the first
several hundred pages on my iPhone? I happy to say that I can give an
unqualified "yes".

Good luck and thank you. I look forward to finishing
the last few hundred pages.




This is a great letter for me to have- thanks very much.

It has
always been my goal to write a book that everyone will find not only
entertaining, but useful.

My ‘target audience" in fact is everyone, in
that Book of Wands is not some kids silly idea of waving around sticks in a
pretend fantasy,

but rather that my book is about real life, and the real
application of one’s mind and energy.

Are "Wands" real? Absolutely. We
have at our disposal tools that absolute transform our life, and move us from
one reality to another.

It is just a matter of how you look at the very
things that our at your fingertips. We can look at such tools in a silly way, or
we can

see the real trans formative power that resides in our capacity to use
Tools in a creative and powerful manner.

I am glad to hear especially
that it has engaged someone who would in particular think that the book is not
for him.

I will pass this on to my European publishers.

very much-



Here are two VERY
interesting letters I received as well

Hi Neil,
Thanks so much for
this book. It has been a total BLAST reading it. I keep checking my email for
the rest of the book…and yes I have read all 667 pages that you have sent and
parts of it more than once.J And now that I have maybe 40% of the housework done
that I have neglected in favor of reading your book, I am ready for

Remember I told you my very soon to be 12 year old reminded me of
Bobby Spaghetti? …well, a couple of days ago I took him shopping and just as we
parked and took our seatbelts off he says to me…hey mom…and then proceeds to
stick his finger up his nose and make all sorts of weird faces and funny noises
and strange gyrations. I laughed so hard! It just reminded me of Bobby Spaghetti
so much.

Then when I come home and am reading more in your
book…something draws my eyes down and there is a pair of old glasses on the
floor…..could mean nothing, heck I brought these old glasses in a long time ago
and didn’t even know they were missing but I found it interesting that my eyes
were drawn to them like that.

My husband and I have been looking for a
cheap coffee table to redo as a Christmas present (he does beautiful work) and
made plans to drive around and check to see if there were any garage

Around 9 I told him he should go and that he would find it and be
right back. He said ok he was going to focus in and he’d be back in soon….and
within 30 minutes he was back with a beautiful weathered and painted over in
black sitting outside FREE coffee table and he has stripped it revealing its
rightful wooded face J

Did you know the word WAND backwards has DNA Woven
into it? Lol…’

I had tons of energy this morning..clicked forward and my
own Noodle boy and I proceeded to clean his room and closet …scary job..and
found a key chain harmonica and he said Mom you can have that…and it plays real
pretty and is a good wand to have in my pocket. Took a big container of his old
homework and sorting through it, pulling out his stories and drawings and out
pops….a copy of page 84,85 and 86 titled Brain Games #15, Mind Movie
Re-Right…..don’t know why they were there but I can take a hint

I’ve read your stuff, fiddled around with a feather but really ..was
only dusting…until NOW….Thanks!


FOLLOW UP- pretty amazing…

In the book I relate the "SOUND" of


Ok, two days ago..that would be Sunday….I
was in the kitchen making some morning juice for my guys. I have a manual crank
juicer and as I was juicing it felt a little wobbly so I loosened it,
repositioned it and then tightened it as tight as I physically could. I made the
juice, and then went to the sink to rinse something and suddenly both my son and
I heard this whoosh and then boom! I turn quickly and look and there is the
juicer in the middle of the floor! It just flew right off!

Then last
night, my husband and I were sitting in the living room playing a board game
when suddenly directly left of my head goes this loud sound…BOIIIING! I kid you
not! I looked at my husband and ask him if he heard it and he said he had. "What
was that sound?" I ask. After a short discussion on it I excitedly tell him…for
the first time!…about The Book of Wands..and how all these things I’ve been
experiencing are in the book….

Hearing that BOING! Well..that was

I could type more…but I’m not going to….I’m going to go read



Thats all for now– back to

The Brain book and Music Store


Brain book and Music Store




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