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Many people ask me about an inline water trap to keep water out of the spray gun-

1) Make sure your compressor tank is drained regularly- whether you think there’s water in there or not. Its easy for water to condense inside. Tanks all have a separate drain tap- and its there for a reason- so make sure and use it. If you get water in your system- it will instantly ruin any project.

2) Augment this with a GOOD inline filter. This is NOT a substitute for draining your tank, but afford low cost insurance.

There are cheap “toilet paper” filters, but these are poor insurance for two reasons- a) you have no idea of the internal condition of such a filter 2) if they fail in the middle of a job- and they will do so suddenly and with no prior indication when this will be- they will ruin your project.

A good filter is the DESICCANT variety. Here is one such example:

Have Fun painting your car, whatever car you have to paint!






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